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Neighborhood Garage Sale

Garage sales can be held for just about anything, clean your house or garage, your child’s sport team, charity, and just about any type of fund raiser or event. I’d recommend you get your friends and family to join you for the garage sale. I’d also recommend you get your neighbors to participate too because the more homes that have sales in a particular area, the better garage sale buyer response you will get. Make it a fun and enjoyable event.

We create an address list and map for all garage sale buyers. The advertising for the sale directs the buyer to a specific address to pick up the list and map.

We place advertising on various online sources. We also put up 125 garage sale signs throughout the neighborhood and advertise it through the monthly newsletter. You are free to place your own ads and your own signs, however, please do not move the signs we put out as they are strategically placed to get buyers to everyone’s sale.

We regularly have 40+ homes registered for the sale. In addition about 15-20 more homeowners decide last minute to put things out for sale. You MUST register for the garage sale to have your home listed in the address directory and get a garage sale sign.

For everyone that registers and has a sale, we provide Donut Den Donuts as our way of saying thank you for joining us for the garage sale.

After the sale we have a charity truck pick up items that you may want to donate and that way you don’t have to put them back in your garage or home.

The sale is truly a neighborhood event and it’s fun and brings the neighborhood together. If you aren’t going to sell anything, may I recommend that you walk around and visit your neighbors!

Check out what our local neighbor has to say about our annual Neighborhood Garage Sale. 

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